Iyaz - Last Forever (New Song!)

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Check out this new leaked song from Iyaz entitled "Last Forever". The dance track was produced by French DJ David Guetta and is said to serve as the lead single from Iyaz's upcoming sophomore album - in stores later in 2011. "Last Forever" starts really nice, hinting it'll unfold into a massive dance tune with a climax in the chorus...but wait no...I've been disappointed lol. I mean, the song has a cool carefree vibe, catchy chorus but Mr Guetta has given Iyaz some dull-unexciting dance beats. I just hope this turns out to be a demo or something, cuz if not, they so could have done a much better song out of "Last Forever". BTW, for those who don't know who Iyaz is, here's a brief recap. He's a British Virgin Islands-born singer who released his debut album in the first semester of 2010. The LP spawned two hits, "Replay" - peaked at #2 in the US and #1 in the UK and "Solo" which managed to get inside the Top 5 in the UK as well. Iyaz will return with a new CD in 2011 and from this new leak, it seems it'll be a more dance/pop orientated effort.

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