It's True, Kehlani Has "Already Won": Listen To Her New Brilliant Song!

God bless Kehlani. Her talent is immense and infinite. She dropped a new song called “Already Won” online today and of course it is brilliant. Possibly the best new song released this Friday. The song is R&B and its lyrics are autobiographical where Kehlani shares a few thoughts: that even though she’s not the most popular artist in the planet, even though she doesn’t sell as the big acts, even though she doesn’t have her house filled with a trillion awards, and even though she doesn’t have the bank account with millions of dollars, she already won. Why? Because it’s not all about getting the most expensive mansion, sometimes a cute house also works, because it’s not always about winning, being nominated is an honor too, and because it’s not always about giving your mama the life of the rich and famous, just providing and caring for her with all possibilities is enough.

I already won / I got the keys to my hood / Mama say she good”, sings Kehlani in the hook and raps “I'm nominated for a Grammy, AMAs, and BET Awards / Man, what an honor” in the second verse. And it’s the second verse our favorite part of the song. Kehlani raps in it, totally gives the song a cooler vibe, and to put it simply, the slayage was real. “Already Won” is amazing song with amazing lyrics and an amazing vocals execution and we’re obsessed.