Iggy Azalea Falls Horribly While Performing In Chile: Watch The "Ouch" Moment

Ouch. Just ouch. We seriously hope she didn't bruise badly after this.

Australian raptress Iggy Azalea was the headlining artist at the Fauna Primavera festival in Santiago, Chile last weekend. Our "Digital Distortion" queen of delays was performing her bop "Work" when at one point she decided to walk down a set of stairs to be closer to her fans nearby the stage. But poor Iggy didn't know that destiny had an awful outcome set for her that night. Apparently blinded by a streak of flashing lights, Iggy couldn't properly look at stairs and she fell, and fell badly. We literally gasped when we watched the falling down moment on the YouTube video below. Poor Iggy knees! That must have hurt and that sadly showed on Iggy's face as she tried to continue with the performance.

2016 wasn't a good year for her and 2017 isn't being any good either. She had her second album cancelled and now she hurts herself while performing. We bet she wishes for this year to be over already and start fresh and more positively in 2018.

Prepare to gasp: