Hear 15 Seconds of Sam Smith's New Song "Say It First": Snippet

Sam Smith just used his social media accounts to share with us a 15-second snippet of one of his new songs entitled “Say It First”. This moving ballad will be included on the British singer-songwriter’s forthcoming second studio album “The Thrill of It All”, which will arrive in stores on November 3.

Say it first / I need to hear you / say those words if I’m all that you desire / I promise there’ll be fire”, sings Sam Smith in this snippet of “Say It First”, which evidently corresponds to the chorus of the song.

For Sam Smith to have posted this snippet today, it must mean that he plans to release “Say It First” as the first countdown single from “The Thrill of It All” this coming Friday, October 20. We’ll see! But if it is the case, we can’t wait to see it available on our Spotify/Apple Music to stream it in full because from the snippet, “Say It First” sounds GOOD.