Havana Brown - We Run The Night (Music Video)

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Video number 2 is here! After she announced 'We Run The Night' would too be her debut single in the USA (the catchy club-pop track was a #1 hit in Australia where she's original from), it was a no-brainer to think DJ Havana Brown HAD to shoot a new music video for her dancefloor smash. I mean, 1) the original MV was a bit cheap, and tacky, and 2) Given the American radio edit of 'We Run The Night' features a verse from Pitbull, he, somewhere, somehow, had to be present in some music video. Anyhow, behold above fresh-off-the-oven second music video for 'We Run The Night' courtesy of VEVO. It's fire! Club-themed of course, well edited, it looks sleek, Havana looks hawt (she takes her Queen throne) and Pitbull does his usual fine thing. Havana's 'We Run The Night' has already conquered the US club scene, but here's hoping it now achieves a feat in the Billboard Hot 100. Expect Havana's debut album later in 2012!

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Havana Brown - We Run The Night (Music Video)
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