Gym Class Heroes Perform on 'The Voice', 'Leno'

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Gym Class Heroes Perform on 'The Voice', 'Leno'

Tuesday night was a busy night for Gym Class Heroes! For the Travie McCoy-led band performed on two popular American TV shows with just a few hours of difference! First up was Gym's live perfomance on NBC's 'The Voice' to do their Top 20 hit with Neon Hitch, 'Ass Back Home'. The British red-haired songstress was looking 'smokin'! with that slutty outfit (cool 'angelic' bra) but shame her part on the song is minimal and Neon clearly looked uncomfortable singing live. She was almost breathless. She should've lip-synched her parts IMO. I mean, we know she CAN sing but the chorus of 'Ass Back Home' is tricky for live singing. Later that night, Travie McCoy and Co. took 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' stage to perform with Ryan Tedder their confirmed next US single, "The Fighter", for the first time on television. Great performance! BTW, has Ryan lost weight? It does look so, right?. He must be getting in shape for some reason. Maybe new OneRepublic album coming this year?. Looking good tho!

What do YOU think of the performances?

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