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Below are the complete “Balla” lyrics by Flo Rida displayed. These lyrics were added August 24, 2010.

Balla lyrics

Chorus) (flo-rida)
This for my ballas ayyyy(4)
I guess im gettin what I had comin
Wish they told me ill be stuntin
All my life im tryin get money
All my life im tryin get money
This for my ballas imma balla (4)

Flo rida
Flo rida be the landlaord I need tht rent money
Imma poor boy eryday I get cake honey
Birthday man my pinata my state honey
Take one glance and the prada got um haten on me
Gun shinin on the waist yeah the waist sunny
Like biggie rappin ill aint the way dummy
Jack boys soveniers to the big tummy
New year chopper wet like the nose runny
Shot clothes takin over what yoes
Soround light bulbs where the sound light blows
The south got soul grand mama got gold
Real grandady like formin no smoke
This be the truth loose slips dext told
Got to get fat carrots see these xxx like kimor
Thick hips holla back like im in a lambo
Playin xxxxxxx my career peep the rap game cold


(billy blue)

Tht mg get it 305 fitiy keep tht 22 got to get it
Hustle all day be broke the next
Ill sleep when I day I need tht check
Never thought sh*tll pop off like this
Yeah ur dam ryte fool I never had sh*t
Stuntin reel hard like I wanna blow it all
I aint tryin do xxxx but ball
Its my time the roly dont lie
For nikkas out there imma up my fire
Shit dont change till a nikka more tired
If nikkas feel different, u a god dam lie
Im so high but im like xxxx it
Tht home boy b like a motherf*cking bucket
Im straight thuggin the hoes just love it
Ur boy xxxx and yes I does it



Boy im rich and yeah im gettin money
If its close enough then I see it comin
Call me a balla call me what you want
Call me a real goon riding in a donk
Call me broke cuz tht I aint
I mite be a po boy trying get bank
All my life ive ben trying get mo
When it goes down I culd tell u how it go
Straight from the hood to the good with the bad
Lot these growin up I wish I had
But everything in life aint promised
Them the last words I herd from momma
Stay reel watching for the haters
Here they come but with money you forlay them
I feel like spendin and I want it
No matter how I get it.


Flo Rida

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