Enrique Iglesias - 'Finally Found You' (Video)

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Check out the music video for Enrique Iglesias' "Finally Found You" featuring Sammy Adams, the new feel-good one-off single from the Latin pop star which is doing pretty well on both US radios and iTunes!

Directed by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, and filmed in Los Angeles, the MV for "Finally Found You" sees Enrique Iglesias finally finding his childhood love-at-first-sight girl at a popular nightclub to afterwards hit her place where Enrique will make good love to her. That's what's up! Pretty good sticks-to-the-lyrics and visually-engaging-for-obvious-reasons (nears soft-porn actually) video, but I do have to admit it was somwhat creepy like the mental mix of the scenes of the two naive kids at the start to the crazy sex-fest scenes in the end. Plus, the last scene with little Enrique smiling kind of saying 'haha, I did it' was odd.

What do you think of the video?

Enrique Iglesias - 'Finally Found You' (Video)

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