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Hello lyrics

Now back to the record, I wrote this track bout a girl named Sharon,
She had lice in her hair and, she made porn flicks with her twin Karen,
Like, omfg, I don't even know where to begin, it's funny how a bitch thinks she's hot when she's so big and has sh*t hanging out of her rear end,
It's funny how a tramp can trample me again, now I'm back in the courtroom again, for blacking out on three bottles of Gin, when I snapped back to reality this bitch was beat nearly to the end, and now I'm back in the courtroom on the defend,
Learn some self control Eminem, you're not like me, and my name is Slim,
I've lost three pounds of thought since Kim, and when you get involved with a slut you never win.

Now Hello, world, I have a thing to imply, that when you poppin pills drinking booz tyryin to get high, make sure you go in with the right mind, or else you might be like Eminem and slip again, and imprisoned for life because you made some bitch die.
Locked up, knocked up, now it's back to slim, and he's come to rap about f*ckin hoes and kill whores again, cause that's just how I am


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