Ciara KILLS IT on 'Ellen'

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The one and only Ciara delivered *finally* the first televised performance of her newest single "Gimme Dat" on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' today (December 15th) - Cici SLAAAYYED!! I'm happy and mad at the same time though - I'm happy because C-C freakin' tore that stage apart!...but I'm mad at her management team. Can you believe they're making her promote the new single just now? Hellooo, this is a bit too late...I mean, Ciara's new CD "Basic Instinct" hit stores in the US this Tuesday and it's been out in most Europe since last week. There's really no excuse for this lack of promo. Some people should be fired 'pronto' for not doing their jobs and most likely hurting Ciara's first-week sales. Hopefully Ciara has in schedule more TV appearances this week - the album-release week - as we all know that the first sales numbers of "Basic Instinct" will mark profoundly the fate of Ciara's new era. Gimme Gimme that bass!!

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