Charlie Puth Does A Funny Dance In "How Long" Music Video: Watch

Charlie Puth steps out of his comfort zone and has a little fun in the official music video for his latest single “How Long”. The music video sees the American singer-songwriter, who will release his second studio album “VoiceNotes” on January 19th, 2018, wearing a suit and an open collar, and doing a funny dance in the street, inside an empty office building, and while walking on a wall like Spiderman. You could tell dancing, even in this funny way, is no natural thing to Charlie, hence our “stepping out of his comfort zone” opening, but he made the effort, and at least we were entertained with Charlie’s choreographed comedy. The music video will get even more bizarre, though, when Charlie suddenly starts floating on air.

So simple, so goofy, but we can’t stop replaying. Plus, Charlie’s good looks serve the cause too!