Brandy - 'Put It Down' (Music Video)

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Watch now the world premiere of Brandy's music video for "Put It Down", featuring Chris Brown, the first single from the R&B diva's upcoming sixth album "Two Eleven", in stores October 2nd via RCA!

Although I somewhat like the song, I feel like "Put It Down" was not the right way to make a comeback. Brandy's flopping hard with it, and believe me no music video will save the single at this point. And those that were hopeful that overrated director Hype Williams would create a monster visual, worthy of a VMA, for "Put It Down", and turn things in favor of Brandy, you can cut your veins now. The music video is one big mess. From the rehashed/getting-old paint effects, Brandy's lazy and awkward dancing, to the awful 'dark-lighting' shots (you could barely see Brandy), the aggresive Sony product placement, and Chris Brown's bad lip-syncing, the music video for "Put It Down" was disappointing. The only scenes I liked were those of Brandy rocking the Moesha braids look. But in any case, her new single will remain a flop. Next.

What do you think of the video and song?

Brandy - 'Put It Down' (Music Video)

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