Bjork Accuses "Danish Director" Of Sexual Harassment In Public Letter

The recent revelations from many women in the movie business about having suffered sexual harassment from well-known producer Harvey Weinstein has inspired Icelandic singer Bjork to come clean too. In a public letter posted on her Facebook page yesterday evening, the “It’s Oh So Quiet” singer narrated how she was also the victim of sexual harassment by a “Danish director”.

Read the full letter:

This “Danish director” can only be one person; Lars von Trier, who directed Bjork in the critically acclaimed 2000 drama film “Dancer in the Dark”.

This letter is certainly a brave step from Bjork. Nobody should allow this, nobody should suffer this, and everybody should have the enough freedom to go public with this story without fear of retaliation against his or her career.

Update: Lars von Trier has already denied Bjork’s story. What else could he do, right?