BEYONCE - Superpower lyrics

Beyonce with “Superpower” feat. Frank Ocean. Track 12 on 'Beyoncé' Read our relevant article “New Music + Videos: Beyoncé - 'Mine' & - 'Superpower'”.

Superpower lyrics

[Verse 1]
When the palm of my two hands hold each other
That feels different
From when your hands are in mine
That's just the way it is
And when my voice is screaming out to my own ears
That feels different
From when I hear yours
Now thats just the way it is
And when I'm standing in this mirror
After all these years
What I'm viewing is a little different
From what your eyes show you
I guess I didn't see myself before you
Moving forward

[Pre-Hook: Beyonce & Frank Ocean]
Super power
A subtle power
Super power
A tough love
Super power
Like a shark
Super power
Like a bear
A tough love

[Hook: Beyonce & Frank Ocean]
And I thought the world would move on
I thought the world would move on
Without us, without us, without us
But nothing I know could slow us down
Couldn't tow us down
I thought I could live without you
Cause nothing I know can break us
They can't break us down

[Verse 2]
And just like you I can't be scared
Just like you I hope I'm spared
But it's tough love
I know you feel it in the air
Even the babies know it's there
Tough love
Super power
The laws of the world tell us what goes sky
And what falls
It's a super power
Super power
The laws of the world never stopped us once
Cause together we got plenty super power


[Outro x3]
Yes we can
Couldn't break us down
They couldn't break us down


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