50 Cent Talks Weight Loss on The View!

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50 Cent shocked the world when he released back in May some jaw dropping pictures of himself weighing a slender 160 pounds. The rapper-turned-actor fell from 214 pounds to 160 over a 9 week period for his upcoming film "Things Fall Apart" (in theaters in 2011). 50 will play the role of a cancer-stricken football player. But fans fear not as the rapper is on the way of recuperating his normal weight. He looked more "healthy" by the time he kicked off his "Invitational" Tour in the US last month.

Curtis Jackson has appeared today, July 28, on ABC's show The View to talk about different topics, including of course the weight loss, but also about the movie he has just done, his childhood, his music career, and his recent tatoo removals. That must have hurt! On the music aspect, it's not clear when will 50 Cent release his fifth studio album, reported to be called "Black Magic". If his label decides to put it out this year then we should be getting 50's new single pretty soon, if not, the LP should come out then in the first quarter of 2011.

50 Cent Talks Weight Loss on The View!
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